Allied Plasto Moulders factory has a total area of14,000 sq.feet and is located at Machohalli, Bangalore. We have adequate power supply and water facility enabling us to run the factory smoothly.
Our sister concern – Blow Moulders has a 6,000 sq.ft. factory at Kadabagare cross, Magadi road,Bangalore.

Allied Plasto Moulders has automatic Injection Moulding Machines in the range of 60 to 160 Tons with Micro-Processor controls and six Blow Moulding Machines ranging from 200 ML to 10 LTR capacities with PLC Controller, Auto De-flash at our plant. In order to ensure high standards and precision, we have installed testing equipment such as Measuring Glass, Digital Vernier Calliper, Dial Gauge, and Electronic Weighing Scale. Log Books are maintained for production and quality control.
Shrink Sleeves – A Shrink Sleeve is made of a glossy full printed polymer film. The sleeve is placed such that it encircles the container and when the combination is subjected to controlled heat, it shrinks to become an integral part of the package. Shrink Sleeves are used with a variety of containers like glass, plastic, metal and composite cans. Shrink Sleeves blend themselves well to high quality printing. The biggest advantage this labeling type offers is a 360-degree coverage of the design on the container
Hot foil stamping machine STM-300-RN – The machine model STM-300-RN is used for heat transfer / hot stamping on circular objects. This machine has wide acceptance in the cosmetic and decorative printing industries. The machine works on the roll-on principle of stamping i.e. Silicone roller is used to transfer the impression on the articles. The parameters are sent and controlled by a PLC. This machine is a single mandrel machine. The vertical movement of the stamping roller is guided by Stainless Steel guide rods and phosphor bronze bushes. The foil rewinding, foil tension and the drive to the roller are obtained by the geared motors from Panasonic, Japan.

Allied Plasto Moulders is committed to continual improvement in quality in all business processes and tracks such improvement through measurable indicators. Our skilled and trained personnel are conscious of the high quality standard set by the company and maintain the level of quality to the highest. We have four skilled supervisors, two Managers and 60 workers to produce the best quality products. Our quality control department ensures that every container/ component that leaves the factory is checked for quality in all parameters to give complete satisfaction to the user industry. We issue a quality certificate with each consignment.

Besides producing high quality products, Allied Plasto Moulders also focuses on environmental issues by adopting concrete eco-friendly measures.

Allied Plasto Moulders believes that all their employees must live with social and economic dignity. We have established proper safety measures and labour welfare schemes for the workers. Therefore, the rate of turnover for workmen in our operation has been negligible.